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Indians Baseball Club Inc, located in Wakerley Park, Runcorn, fields teams in all ages from U6 through to high-level senior baseball.

Notice of Indians Baseball Club 2016 Annual General Meeting

23 March 2016

Dear Member,
You are invited to attend the Indians Baseball Club Inc. Annual General Meeting. Details are as follows:

Date: Friday 8 April 2016


  • 6pm - Registration and BBQ dinner
  • 6.30pm – AGM commences
  • 7pm – Presentations
  • 8pm – Close

Where: Clubhouse, Dew Street, Runcorn


  • If over the age of eighteen (18) years, entitled to one (1) vote, on payment of their membership and registration/affiliation fees;
  • Ifundertheageofeighteen(18)  yearsandonpaymentoftheirmembershipand registration/affiliation fees,  entitledtoone(1)  voteperfamily,  regardlessofhow manyplayermembersundertheageofeighteen(18)  areinthatfamily.  Only a parent or legal guardian may cast the vote.


  • If not already voting as a Playing Member, a person who is not a registered player, or parent or legal guardian of a registered player who serves on Committee or as an Operational or General Volunteer is entitled to one (1) vote.


  • If not already voting as a Playing Member or Volunteer Member, a person whose nomination for Life Member has been passed by the Management Committee and confirmed by a majority of members is entitled to one (1) vote.

Yours in Baseball,

Lara Suddards

Indians Baseball Club Inc.  
Field Location: Wakerley Park, 65 Dew Street,  Runcorn, QLD, 4113
Postal Address: PO BOX 2191, Runcorn, QLD, 4113