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Indians Baseball Club Inc, located in Wakerley Park, Runcorn, fields teams in all ages from U6 through to high-level senior baseball.

December 6 Wet Weather Updates

11:45 am

U20s game cancelled at Beenleigh.

Brisbane South Little League Tryouts at Indians have been postponed until December 13th.

9:05 am

U10 and U16 cancelled at Southern Stars.

9:00 am

Little League has been rained outed after 1 half inning. Updates on U16 and U20 to follow later in the day. 

7:00 am

Junior League game at Redlands has been cancelled. 

6:30 am
Little League 8am game at Wests and Junior League 8am game Redlands are still on.
Updates on U16 at Southern Stars and U20s at Beenleigh will be made late morning. 

Next update at 7am.

6:03 am
At this stage all of today scheduled games are still on. Further updates as the day progresses.

Indians Baseball Club Inc.  
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