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Indians Baseball Club Inc, located in Wakerley Park, Runcorn, fields teams in all ages from U6 through to high-level senior baseball.

Christmas Party Wrap Up

Thank you to all members, friends and family who came down to the baseball club today to join in together for the love of all things fun, food and friendly company. We certainly had a great time organising all the good bits of the day!

We would like to acknowledge Andrew Cane for sourcing our meat sponsors Prime Cut Meats (Sausages) & Naturally Australian Meat and Game (Burger patties and Chickens). Freya Ostapovitch (drinks), Mark Stewart (PA system) and Steven Huang, our local MPs. We would also like to thank Santa Claus, Mr Rodney Hyatt and his lovely wife Pauline for graciously being at our event today! If you would like to support their charity, please donate to Fuller Center for Housing. I would also like to thank all the parents who brought donations for the Christmas Hamper raffles, bought tickets and sold them to friends and family. We made a total of $681 from the raffle! This money will go back to the club as part of our fundraising goal for new fences on Diamond 1, Diamond 2 and Diamond 4.

Without the following people, we would not have come to such a great mid-season break, and I would like to thank these people on behalf of the committee.

Kristy Knechtli, Kym Cunningham, Jason Grining, Vinson Facer, Lindy Taylor, Ian Humphreys, Lara Suddards, Emiko Narita, Jeremy Cade, Andrew Cane, Ian Wakefield, Allison Humphreys for their continuous support and management of the club. Without them, the club cannot function. We would also like to thank their families as these people give up their precious time to the club all the time.

Our scorers, umpires, coaches, team managers for being at every game. There are just so many to name!
Des Mitchell, Allison Humphreys, Kristy Knechtli, Simon Knechtli, Sharon Teakle, Kylie Harker, Doug Robertson, Maria Robertson, Graeme Paton, Vinson Facer, Ethan George, Zaden Hooper, Ian Humphreys, Chloe Humphreys, Thomas Knechtli, Jeremy Cade, Vanessa and Paul McPherson, Lindy Taylor, Gary Woods, Cathie Seccombe, Gage Prendergast, Scott Cunningham, Zackary Cunningham, Joshua Knechtli, Connor Cunningham, Emiko Narita, Jake Heazle, Tim Franklin, Angela Harland, Max Grining, Cooper Grining, Parnell Jones, also special mention to our club support officer, Sally West for her time, and many many others that I may have left out accidentally - it has been a long day!

Without these dedicated people helping out, week in week out, working together with close bonds like within a tribe, a family, we wouldn't have been able to successfully hold today's party, as well as the many other gala days and events at the baseball club.

I would also like to thank the many moms/dads/sisters/brothers that helped me with Jordan and Jacob, they really do enjoy the many cuddles and play time.

We hope you have enjoyed a great first half of the season, and we'll see you guys on Thursdays (for that Xmas break training only) and see you back on the diamond at the start of next school term!

Until the next tribe gathering
Akemi Joslyn Cade

Indians Baseball Club Inc.  
Field Location: Wakerley Park, 65 Dew Street,  Runcorn, QLD, 4113
Postal Address: PO BOX 2191, Runcorn, QLD, 4113