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Indians Baseball Club Inc, located in Wakerley Park, Runcorn, fields teams in all ages from U6 through to high-level senior baseball.

Wednesday 22nd May - Development Program


Tonight's Training Program will be going ahead despite the weather.

Our plan at the moment is as follows:

- 4 x laps around diamond - slow & easy
- 2 x side skips with arms to 90' Bases
- 360's
- Carioca
- Frankensteins
- Side squats
- 2 Lunge, 3 skips
- Walking Knee to Chest
- 10 x Arm Swings - Swinging Arms up and down
- 10 x Arm Swings - Across and back at chest height
- 10 x Goal Posts - Surrender position, down to cross arms
- 10 x Back Pats
- 10 x Trunk Twists

Base Running
Setup 4 base paths (2 x 80', 2 x 90')
- 3 x To First Base
- 3 x figure 4 slides into a base

Throwing Program
- 5 x 5 light throws, ranging out to 90'
- 5 x 5 hard throws moving in to 20'
- 10 x quick hands

Catchers to kit up..
Split into 3 groups
1 group at 1st & 2nd
1 group at 3rd. Group at third to split into two, with runners and fielders.

Catcher blocking drills
- Catchers to run through blocking drills while drills are explained to filders.

Tag plays at third & home
- Runners start half way, between bases, short sharp throw from coach to catcher/fielder.
- Fielders to wait at the in shallow outfield..
- Runner trying to avoid the tag, find the ball.
- 3rd base, secure the ball and apply a tag.
- Home plate, catcher trying to block the plate and apply a tag.
- Runner makes two attempts at sliding into third and home, before rotating out.

Reaction fielding drill
- Half of the group at 1st,half at 2nd
- 2nd base fielder, stands facing the outfield (back turned), coach throws/hits the ball towards the player, calls out **now** when the ball is half-way..
- Fielder turns, finds and fields the ball. Make the throw to first

- 2 x lap around diamond
- Lunges
- Walking Knee to Chest

Indians Baseball Club Inc.  
Field Location: Wakerley Park, 65 Dew Street,  Runcorn, QLD, 4113
Postal Address: PO BOX 2191, Runcorn, QLD, 4113