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Indians Baseball Club Inc, located in Wakerley Park, Runcorn, fields teams in all ages from U6 through to high-level senior baseball.

Aussie T-Ball (U6)


TRAINING STARTS 10th OCTOBER 2016, 8:00AM to 8:45AM.

Aussie T-Ball is a modified version of baseball where young players hit soft baseball from a batting tee.

The program is designed around children aged 5 through 6 as an introduction to Baseball and is a “Hands-On” program where Parents and Coaches assist in the development of young players.

As part of the program each child receives an Aussie T-Ball Pack, which includes a Glove, a ball and various other items, which vary from year to year.


The 2013/14 Aussie T-Ball Pack includes:

  • 10.5 inch Wilson Glove and Ball
  • Aussie T-Ball “Baseball” drawstring bag
  • Aussie T-Ball/Fielders Choice Water Bottle
  • Aussie T-Ball Luggage Tag
  • Aussie T-Ball Velcro Catch Set and Ball
  • Aussie T-Ball Pencil Case
  • Aussie T-Ball Ruler
  • 12 Pencils & Baseball Eraser
  • ABL Kids Club Membership Details (FREE season pass and other discounts and benefits)
  • Fielders Choice $5 Gift Voucher
  • Aussie T-Ball Player Pathway Brochure

Terms, Session Length, Times and Player Numbers

Indians Baseball Club runs four Aussie T-Ball terms per year (each approximately 10 weeks) that follow the Queensland School term dates.

Sessions last for 45 minutes and are normally held on Friday afternoons. Sessions are limited to 6 children (plus their parents). Times are dependent on the number of children in each term. Where possible children are broken up in groups with other children at a similar skill level (though this may not always be possible).

Player Responsibilities

Indians Baseball Club asks the following of its Aussie T-Ball Players:

  • Be respectful of others.
  • No bullying.

Parent Responsibilities

Aussie T-Ball is designed to be a hands-on program, with direct coaching of young players; Indians Baseball Club asks that Parents of Aussie T-Ball players are present during all sessions to assist in coaching and of development young players.

The Australian Baseball Federation and Baseball Queensland Inc. require that Volunteers and Coaches have suitable levels of accreditation. Indians Baseball Club provides coaches who have NCAS 3 or higher levels of coaching accreditation as well as current Positive Notice Working with Children (Blue Card) certifications.

Indians Baseball Club Inc.  
Field Location: Wakerley Park, 65 Dew Street,  Runcorn, QLD, 4113
Postal Address: PO BOX 2191, Runcorn, QLD, 4113